Saturday, December 14, 2013

The WWI Soldier

Yul Brynner, Nude Photos by George Platt Lynes


In the 1930's the gay photographer, George Platt Lynes, shot a series of nude photos of a struggling young actor, Yul Brynner. Brynner would go on to become a huge star on Broadway in "The King and I" and the film version would make him a movie star.

Brynner was probably bi-sexual and not exclusively gay, but he was known to enjoy the company of men. Yul hung out with the artistic gay crowd in his day: besides Platt Lynes, there was the actor, Hurd Hatfield and the novelist, Manuel Puig to name a few.

 Since Yul is most famous for his gorgeous bald head, here is a later photo, in case you don't recognize him with hair.

For more on the work of George Platt Lynes, check out this post on Homo History:

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Friday, December 13, 2013